Who we are

Jennifer Burgess - our founder - has spent her whole life being dropped into foreign cities.

Initially with a backpack, later with a briefcase and most recently with two young boys, a corporate husband and a large container of furniture. In 5 years, she has managed 3 international relocations for her young family, moving between Australia, Belgium, Switzerland and Singapore.

Fifteen years spent designing fashion ranges for Australia’s biggest retailers has provided Jennifer with a special skillset; the ability to quickly identify a client’s lifestyle needs, gauge their taste level and create for them a product which is not only stylish, but achieves budgetary goals.

At The Relocationiste, Jennifer is using both her commercial skills and deep personal experience of international relocation, to design Singaporean Lifestyles.

Jennifer is passionate about the unique, urban, tropical island of Singapore.

It is her hope, that her insider intel and personalised, tailored service will ensure that your, or your employee’s life here is one of their most memorable adventures.