The Itinerary

You are a savvy dresser.  You know what parts of your body should be centre stage and which should only have a supporting role. You know the inverse makeup rule: the less you have on when you leave your home, the greater the number of people you will run into. And you are completely attuned to the power of the shoe and know that the correct choice can transform an outfit from “I am with my kids”, to “I am with the band”.

So what is a girl to do when she arrives in Singapore and discovers that its climate renders all her sartorial tricks as useful as a suitcase of designer dresses trapped in lost luggage at Heathrow? 

A What to Wear Masterclass.

We will introduce you to stores that stock clothes, shoes and active-wear in fabrics and styles,  that are appropriate for all activities in your new Singaporean life, visit a Beauty Emporium to de-code the intricacies of wearing make-up in the tropics and get professional hair advice on how to manage and style your hair to avoid the frizz. 

Perfect for new arrivals, or those wanting to elevate their tropical style game.



  • What clothes, shoes and accessories work for your new tropical life in Singapore.
  • Where to shop for your new wardrobe.
  • How to wear make-up in a tropical climate ; what colours and products will work for you.
  • Professional advice on how to manage your trauamtised hair : products and styling.
  • Where to get your favourite new tropical accessory - a mani/pedi.




  • A curated list of stores and online purveyors of clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • A shiny new mani/pedi in a professionally selected colour.
  • A curated list of specialists who can clean, adjust and repair your new purchases.

The essentials

Duration: 4 hours (including light lunch)

Time: 10.30am – 2.00pm

A Mercedes Van will chauffeur us to each of our locations.




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