Our Services Include

Lifestyle Review
We listen to not only to your wish list for your new life, but get up to speed on what your life looks like now.


House Search
Condo, contemporary home, heritage shophouse, jungle, beach ….the options are endless in Singapore. We edit options and guide your towards the right style for you.


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School Search
Again, there are many excellent options in Singapore. We can curate and guide you to the best for your family.


Temporary Accommodation
Somewhere appealing to stay as you transition into your new life.


Orientation Tours
Before, during and/or after you arrive, we can create bespoke tours so that you can find the things that are essential to your life, whether it is an area to live, a route to work, good coffee or market to buy your fresh produce.


Personal Logistics
Bank accounts, driving licences mobile phones are just some of the essential items we can organise so you can seamlessly begin your new life.


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Home Logistics
Life is impossible without wifi. Dangerous without insurance. And better with assistance for your cleaning and child care. We have the contacts and can sort this for you.


Move-In Management
The arrival of a container of your belongings can elicit a range of emotions. We find it thrilling. Let us oversee the unpacking, so you can focus on other issues.


Departure Services
Leaving can be just as stressful as moving. We can manage the details.