The Itinerary

So you have a lovely new house (condo, apartment, townhouse) in Singapore,  but now you want a home. You have carte blanche (courtesy of your new friends at UOB or Standard Chartered) to spend, but the only furniture or home accessory store you have encountered, is IKEA.

Entreprenurial expats and a new generation of talented locals have ensured there is a bounty of stylish design options  to decorate your new abode.  But with stores in warehouses in obscure industrial areas, unassuming shopping malls and  former army barracks, you need an informed insider to help stake them out.

You need the How to Decorate your Home Masterclass.

Whether you need to find large ticket items like couches or beds,  candles, cushions and bed linens or want to invest in a special piece, this tour will help you to make your house a home.

Perfect for new arrivals, or those wanting to move beyond assembling their own furniture (sorry IKEA).



  • Where to buy large ticket items, such as couches, beds and tables. 
  • Where to shop for decor accessories, like lamps, mirrors, cushions candles and art.
  • How to merge your existing items with new acquisitions to create your unique Singapore home - with the advice of styling professionals.


  • A curated list of stores and online purveyors of furniture and decor items.                       
  • A list of tips on how to manage the impact of humidity on your furniture and decor items.
  • A curated directory of tried and tested tradesmen and handymen and decorating professionals.

The essentials

Duration: 4 hours (including light lunch)

Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm




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