The Itinerary

Singapore is one of the world's culinary capitals. Researching and hunting down the city's famed food destinations can be thrilling when you are holidays, but exhausting when you have just moved to Singapore and need to put dinner on the table.  In our Buying Food Masterclass we  short-cut this experience, showing you where locals and expats shop for fresh produce, meat and fish.  We introduce you to gourmet specialists and trusted stall holders at Wet Markets. Whether you want to fill your basket with the familar items from home, culinary skills, your pantry, so that you shopping basket is not only filled with the things you need to feed your family, but money. 

Perfect for new arrivals, or those wanting to extend their shopping trip beyond Cold Storage.



Where to buy meat, fish and poultry for everyday and for entertaining.

How to shop at a Wet Market.

Where to buy organic food and speciality items.

What are the different offers of the big supermarkets.

Where to buy cookware and appliances. 



A curated list of stores and online purveyors of everyday and gourmet food.                            

Tips and worksheets for helping your maid to manage the food shop. 

Your food procurement needs sorted, giving you time to discover more important things (and maybe do a tour on What to Wear in Singapore)

The essentials

Duration: 4 hours (including light lunch)

Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Maximum Number of Participants:  10



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